All Hiploks are designed to be as secure as possible for purpose but using a good quality lock is just the start - keep your bike safe with our top tips. 

1) Always use a good quality chain or D lock in towns and cities. Look for the Sold Secure logo for independent lock accreditation. 

2) Lock your bike in the most visible and populated area possible - not down a dark alley!

3) Make sure what you're locking to is secure. Wire fences or rusted railings can be easily cut through.

4) When possible, position your lock so it is awkward for a thief to attack - for example, the higher a chain lock is from the ground, the more secure it will be. 

5) Secure, or take with you, anything that can easily be removed eg. lights or quick release wheels

6) Insure and register your bike - make it easily identifiable

7) Take your lock with you when you ride!