All Hiploks are designed and tested in our UK development facility by a dedicated team, who ride their bikes and use their locks every day. Our passion for innovation is matched by our commitment to ensure our locks are amongst the most secure available.

As the thieves' weapons of attack improve, it is imperative we keep one step ahead. Working closely with experts in the field and independent security accreditation houses around the world, our product development process focuses on tough real world security testing using the very latest equipment.

Such stringent in-house testing and vigorous development processes result in quality, which riders around the world can trust in.

We are proud that all Hiplok chain and D-locks are tested and accredited by independent security testing house Sold Secure. When looking for a tough bike lock, look for the Sold Secure logo. Find out more about Sold Secure lock ratings, including information on real world attack tests VISIT SOLD SECURE WEBSITE >>